KS Removers And Strippers

Removers And Strippers

Klean-Strip® removers and strippers are formulated to cut through paint, stains, varnishes, clear coatings and adhesives — softening and lifting even the toughest materials to make removal fast, easy and complete. Whether you’re working on antique furniture, a classic car or replacing a floor, there’s a Klean-Strip® remover or stripper that’s right for the task at hand.

Adhesive Remover is a strong, fast-acting remover that quickly softens even the toughest adhesives in 30 minutes or less.

Paint Stripper After Wash prepares surfaces for refinishing by removing any paint residue left from the stripping process.

Premium Stripper is a semi-paste formula that strips multiple layers of latex and oil-based paint, polyurethane, epoxy, varnish and shellac from wood, metal and masonry surfaces in 15 minutes or less.