Which Product to Choose

Too many choices? We can help. And if you're still unsure, check out our sample projects to see real-life product applications.

A Quick Guide To Finding The Right Product

Use these application charts to find the right Klean-Strip® product for your job — then check the descriptions below for more product information.

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Klean-Strip® Color Change Stripper
Formulated with the strength of our Premium Stripper, this product changes color when it's ready to strip so you'll know exactly what to do and when.

Klean-Strip® Premium Stripper
Thick, tough, and fast. This product clings well to vertical surfaces and works on paint, epoxy, and polyurethane. The thick, semi paste cuts through multiple layers of finish.

Klean-Strip® Sprayable Stripper
Strong, fast, and washes away with water. Works on paint, epoxy, and polyurethane. And when used with a sprayer, it’s ideal for highly-detailed work, small crevices other hard-to-reach areas.

Klean-Strip® Klean Kutter Refinisher
The strong, fast-acting liquid, Klean Kutter works best for removing varnish, shellac, lacquer, and other clear finishes from wood. It also removes stains. The liquid formula makes it great for getting into nooks and crannies. And it's gentler on soft wood and antiques.

Klean-Strip® Strip-X® Stripper
This stripper works best on polyurethane, varnish, shellac, and lacquer — and will remove pigmented wood stains to restore wood to its natural color. Works fast.

Klean-Strip® Adhesive Remover
Use this to remove old hardened adhesive. It does a great job getting into nooks and crannies and clinging to vertical surfaces.

Solvents And Thinners

Klean-Strip® Boiled Linseed Oil
A classic wood finish and natural protectant that is produced from the seed of the flax plant and processed so that it will dry faster than raw linseed oil. Protects and seals unfinished wood surfaces and produces a beautiful hand-rubbed finish on fine wood and antiques.

Klean-Strip® Acetone
Thins adhesives, contact cement and fiberglass resins. Dries quickly. You can also use acetone to clean up after a fiberglass project.

Klean-Strip® Pure Gum Sprits Turpentine
Used for thinning artists’ oil-based paint and stain, alkyd enamel, varnish, and linseed oil.

Klean-Strip® Lacquer Thinner
Great for thinning lacquer and epoxies. Also cleans tools and equipment.

Klean-Strip® Odorless Mineral Spirits
A premium, highly refined solvent formula which effectively thins and blends well into oil-based paint, stain and varnish. It is very low odor and dries with minimal residue, so it is an excellent cleaner for paint brushes, tools and equipment immediately after use.

Klean-Strip® Japan Drier
A special blend of lead-free drying agents accelerate the drying ability oil-based paint, oil-based enamel, varnish and polyurethane.

Klean-Strip® M.E.K.
Thins polyester and epoxy resins, ink and adhesives when a rate of evaporation slower than acetone is desired. Cleans up dried latex paint, lacquer and adhesives.

Klean-Strip® Toluene
Thins alkyds, polyesters & epoxies and is an excellent cleaning solvent for tools and equipment immediately after use.

Klean-Strip® Xylene
Thins oil-based paint, lacquer, varnish, epoxy, adhesives and synthetic enamels when a slower drying time is desired. Also removes certain adhesives, and is an excellent clean-up solvent for tools and equipment immediately after use

Klean-Strip® VM&P Naphtha
Great for cleaning tools and equipment, metal and glass. This product also does a good job thinning oil-based paint, alkyd enamel, and varnish.

Klean-Strip® Paint Thinner
Made with real mineral spirits, Klean-Strip® paint thinner is great for thinning oil-based paint and stain, and varnish. It also does a great job cleaning tools and equipment, metal and glass.

Cleaning & Surface Prep

Klean-Strip® Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser
The easy alternative to sanding — it permanently deglosses surfaces to help new finishes adhere to paint, varnish, enamel, lacquer, polyurethane and stain.

Klean-Strip® Muriatic Acid
Etches concrete, brightens concrete and masonry and removes excess mortar from bricks.

Klean-Strip® Phosphoric Prep & Etch
Removes rust from iron and steel surfaces, treats metal surfaces for better paint adhesion and etches concrete to allow paint or stains to penetrate and adhere.

Klean-Strip® TSP Substitute
Cleans, degreases, and deglosses to prepare surfaces for painting or refinishing, removes grease, grime, smoke residue, food stains, chalky residue, crayon marks, old wallpaper paste and even mildew stains.

Heating Fuels

Klean-Strip® 100% Denatured Alcohol
Produces a hot, clean, odorless and smokeless flame in alcohol stoves and alcohol burning appliances.

Klean-Strip® Kerosene
This product is refined to lower the sulfur content, improving air quality and extending wick life. This 1-K kerosene burns cleaner than 2-K kerosene. Klean-Strip® Kerosene meets ASTM 1-K Specifications and is suitable for all kerosene-burning heaters, lamps and stoves.

Klean-Strip® Kerosene Fuel Additives
Add to your heater or fuel container to extend wick life, reduce kerosene odors and smoke, and lower tar and carbon build-up.

Klean-Strip® Klean Heat
This product is the perfect choice to use in place of K-1 kerosene in kerosene-burning appliances such as heaters, lamps and stoves. This premium fuel is more convenient to store than kerosene. It contains less sulfur and aromatics so it has NO kerosene odor — before, during and after burning. The clear formula burns clean to extend the life of your wick and limit smoke, soot and emissions.